My name is Greg Poor and I am a commercial real estate consultant. I have worked in commercial real estate and investment property real estate throughout Nebraska and Iowa for many years.

Here is how I can help you: I work with commercial real estate owners who need a practical outside approach to investment and commercial real estate issues. Are you having a problem with your commercial property? I am the guy who can help.

Here are a few of my consulting clients who were having issues with city ordinances, build deadlines, reducing property taxes etc. Trust me, there is always a solution, and sometimes it just takes a professional to help you you gain new perspective on the problem.

“I have used Greg’s expertise on numerous occasions. It never seizes to amaze me how quickly Greg jumps into action and how creative his solutions are. Greg has helped me negotiate with borrowers during the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure process. He has helped me reduce my property taxes on several of my commercial properties and helps me with city ordinance situations. I would recommend his services to anyone in commercial real estate and real estate investment property.”-Ryan M, Real Estate Attorney, Omaha NE

“I had completed the build out of my new restaurant and was in the process of getting my certificate of occupancy when I ran into a situation. Apparently my property did not have enough parking spaces. The city was not helpful and I was terrified of not being able to open on time. A friend of mine recommended that I call Greg and see if he could help. He helped me negotiate a long term lease for parking with a neighboring business and I was able to open right on time.” – Janet S, Business Owner, Omaha NE

“I was in the final stages of building and during the final walk through, I was informed by the city inspector that there was an issue with my property not being zoned correctly. I met up with Greg to discuss the problem I was having and he was able to get me a temporary certificate of occupancy, so I could open on schedule until the city could rezone the property, weeks down the road. This problem could have been a disaster, but was completely diverted thanks to Greg.” – Dennis N, Business Owner, Omaha NE

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